ONE® Condoms Solves Condom Fit Issues on Measure a Penis Day

An overwhelming majority of condom users say poor fit of regular condoms has resulted in bedroom mishaps
Celebrated on February 1 to kick of National Condom Month, Measure a Penis Day encourages people to measure for pleasure and talk to their partner about the importance of proper condom fit. Created by ONE® Condoms and its MyONE® Custom Fit ™ line of 52 condom sizes, the brand is tackling the preventable statistic that 90 percent of surveyed condom users have experienced a hiccup in the bedroom related to improper condom fit . In light of Measure a Penis Day, ONE is helping to fix those condom mishaps by educating and encouraging those with a penis – and the people that play with them – to accurately measure their member for proper condom fit.
To get ready for Measure a Penis Day this year, ONE ® surveyed its customers about their experiences with condom fit and the overall measuring process. Fifty percent of people surveyed had experienced condom slippage with regular condoms. MyONE ® Custom Fit™ condoms "enabled me to find the right size so that the slippage problems were greatly reduced and sex was much more enjoyable and less stressful," commented one person in the survey.
"A handful of times, the condom slipped off and got stuck in their vagina, or it was in the process of doing so, so I had to grab it to make sure that didn't happen," said Johnny in the survey. "MyONE condoms fit perfectly. They are nice and snug, without being overly tight."
Fifty three percent of those surveyed in ONE’s customer survey had experienced erection loss due to condoms being...

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