VIDEO INTERVIEW – Scott Helman Comes Home: Canadian Singer-Songwriter on the road again.

It’s been a busy few years for Canada’s Scott Helman. He moved to LA, got engaged, released 4 singles, and is embarking on his first headline tour since 2019. We caught up with Helman at his mom’s house between rehearsals for the "Back Together" tour that kicks off in Calgary November 29th and Edmonton November 30th.
"It's been a really long time. I mean, I'm honestly shocked and people are coming because it's been so long. So, it's just going to be awesome to get out and play songs and meet everyone again and all that. So yeah, can't wait. It was really just about getting back on stage, and I just wanted it to be really intimate, but still feel super fun in full band. I played some little acoustic shows in LA just to dust off the rust. And I did six shows and by the sixth show, I didn't even have a plan. I was kind of just vibing, but I think I just want to try to connect as deeply as I can with these people that have stuck with me, or if they're new, I just really want to connect with everybody. So, I'm just going to focus on doing that and the best way to do that. And it'll be a process, but I can't wait."
When Helman last spoke to, the then 20-year-old was just starting to make waves with the song Bungalow. Two full length albums, 2 Eps and multiple singles later, we wondered what the 27-year-old would tell his younger self.
"I would maybe tell him to just try to enjoy it. I just think when you're young, it's so easy to get caught up in the future, and I still struggle with that today. But I think the biggest thing is I look back on those times so fondly and maybe at the time I was experiencing stress or anxiety or worrying about where I was going to end up, but I feel like I've hit all the highs and all the lows since then. I've experienced so many changes and so many kinds of successes and failures that it's like the successes when they happen, they're great, but it's really not what it's about. And the failures, they don't hurt as much as you think they will. I think ultimately when you're in the moment, you're like, oh wow, this is what I was so afraid of, or I was so excited for. It's not quite what you think. And so, I think just to enjoy...

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